Sunday, May 10, 2009

15 Freakishly Fabulous Factoids about Fuel #6

Counting down to departure with 15 Freakishly Fabulous Factoids about Fuel:
Any diesel engine can be run on biodiesel fuel- no modification necessary...Just find a pump like this one at Alliance on Fremont St in Monterey!


  1. I was under the impression that in order to run Bio-diesel you had to make a few modifications to the engines fuel lines, something about bio-diesel reacting to the rubber hoses?
    Cool Jetta by the way, VW only made 47 ECOdiesels in 92!

  2. Hi Craig-

    Yes, biofuel will eventually turn rubber hosing to mush. It's best to replace rubber tubing with Viton hosing which is relatively inexpensive. I have not yet replaced my hoses because they are still pretty new...but a few miles down the road, I may have to!
    Yes, I heard that the ecodiesel was pretty rare- What a lucky find!

  3. ...Except that the "biodiesel" pump here at Alliance in Monterey only supplies B5--five percent biodiesel, 95 percent petrodiesel. Not really their fault, though you might say the banner is misleading. More on this soon.


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