Friday, February 19, 2010

10 Steps to Making Hope YOUR Verb

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Culminating with a TEDx presentation in Monterey, Hope the Verb represents the final chapter in a much larger story from my book Hope Walks into a Bar Looking for Change. Hope the Verb is based upon the premise that hope only works as an action...not as a noun or an abstraction. Here I ask that you add your stories of hope by placing them on this community mapping. With the phrase, "I hope to change the world by...," you have the opportunity to make hope your verb and to add your webpage/business listing to our communal storytelling map. Follow the instructions below and you'll be on your way.

Hope is something we do. Not something we have.

Step One: Click on the Map above. You must log in with your Google account to edit the map.

Step Two: Find your location on the map.

Step Three: Click the Edit Button:

Step 4: Choose the middle icon- a blue pin:

Step 5: Drop the pin on your location:

Step 6: Change your pin to the campfire icon, emblematic of the communal storytelling fire by clicking on the pin and then selecting the campfire:

Step 7: Type in your Hope the Verb statement using the formula "I hope to change the world by..." Make sure that you are in "Rich Text" format (indicated below by red arrow). You can add a link to your website by highlighting text, hitting the link button (indicated below by green arrow), and entering your URL.

Step 8: Click "Done"

Step 9: Click "Save" when you are finished editing.

Step 10: Browse other people's campfires and enjoy!

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