Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Love You

On a whim, I just googled "I love you" and learned that the number 1 result is: I Love You in Different Languages. I am somehow reassured by that bit of information.

Once upon a time, I found myself completely disenchanted by the fact that "I Love You" had become a text message template on my phone. Today, I'm oddly reassured that the need to express love transcends linguistic barriers.

To that add the fact that I saw my very first moose today. Maine is fabulous. Where else can you find a big gangly creature that tries so hard to be majestic, but at the end of the day is just...odd? Not to mention the amazing people I met at the inn restaurant at the White Wolf Inn. Friends told me that name sounded like a horror film, but I'm having the time of my life.

Bring on the Northern Lights because this night can't get any better!

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