Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hope Walks into a Bar Looking for Change

Dear reader, whoever you might be, and wherever you might be in this great big open-life sea,

Hope Walks into a Bar Looking for Change is a fast-moving tale on the open road that attempts to learn if hope can emerge from change. In the summer of 2009, I took a twenty-year-old Jetta christened the Little Red Engine that Could on a fossil fuel free trip around the United States. She ran on biodiesel and I ran on greasy gas station potato chips with occasional bean dip for protein's sake.

The trip began the summer after an epic economic meltdown, elections that propeled Obama to power and passed Proposition 8, and a housing crisis that arrived seconds after adulthood talked me into purchasing a home. Geopolitical events mirrored internal events: what is inside appears outside, as they say (or is it the other way around?)

The summer of 2009 was also a pivotal moment in my life where I'd witnessed my small hometown disappear and my adoptive home in California lose its optimistic glow.

The book moves from California to Florida, from Florida to Maine, and then back again, answering universal questions: What happens to the other sock when it disappears from the dryer? Will Detroit reemerge as a green giant or self-implode? Is factory farming an evil beyond all evils? Is the Earth on a collision course with bye-bye? Can the meaning of life be expressed in a tweet? The contents of a book revealed in a blog?

Let's explore together with excerpts from Hope Walks into a Bar Looking for Change:

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