Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Red Vs Big Mouse Part One: Pele's Message

In feline-human communication, there are often misunderstandings. Recently, Pele had begun taking great interest in my car, Little Red. I would look out the window and there she was...sitting on the hood. I'd go outside and she would be sniffing around the tires or trying to get inside.

Of course I'm not one to ascribe conversational characteristics to cats (OK, fine, I am), but it seemed she was trying to tell me something. I went with the obvious:

Me: Pele, you want to go for a ride? You're so cute!
Pele: There's a mouse in your car.
Me: You're so sweet. You want to go on a road trip!


Me: Oh, Pele. You don't want me to leave! Such a sweetheart!
Pele: There's a mouse in your car, you freakin idiot!
Me: Don't worry...I'll be home later.

I didn't question the strange squeak that came from the engine when I started the car. Little Red is an old lady, after all.

"That sound is new," I thought vaguely as I drove away.

Little Red Vs Big Mouse Part Two: I Smell a Rat

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