Friday, May 1, 2009

Which metaphor is running your life?

A really cool little article from Ezine by Philip Mountrose

Have you experienced the housing bubble, the one that created a perfect storm for the mortgage meltdown? Now you're having trouble staying afloat... and feel like you're on a sinking ship.

We are awash in metaphors. The media, government, and business often use them to give an encapsulation of "reality." "Reality" has many levels, however, many unknown to the conventional authority sources, many mysterious to us all.

Yet with some soul-based reflection, the picture can change miraculously. As the Hindu text the Rig Veda notes, things look different from a higher perspective.

The mainstream media tends to focus on negative metaphors to frame problems. So we are "addicted to oil" which leads to an "energy crisis." ...It must be another "perfect storm." Even such environmentally helpful metaphors have their drawbacks. The problem being that we are focusing on the problem, however accurately pictured, not the solution.


There may be some truth to these metaphoric descriptions, but we want to be careful not to buy into them. Beware of just following the herd wherever we are told to go. Let's use the consensus-reality metaphors intentionally, but not exclusively and mindlessly. In other words, let's not automatically accept a "reality" that we don't really want just because others are forwarding it.

It's wise to create our own metaphors or find ones that align with a soul-based, fulfilling life. Metaphors become guideposts for our lives. Instead of being "boxed in," why not "make room to grow"? Rather than "keep running into walls," why not find an opening and "take flight"?

In addition to the above metaphors we described, which ones influence you? Do you feel you "don't have a clue" or are "out on the edge"?

Then it's time to explore find resources, both internal and external ones. Meditate, journal, get counsel.


Finding your high-vibration metaphors lead to creating a life that becomes "a wonderful journey to explore." Life won't be the same, much less of the "blues" and more cheerful coloring. You won't have to prepare for that gathering storm or worry about being on "financial life support." prepared for "a gathering storm."

You will know that you can be infused with abundance and energy, with the "wind behind your sails" and the sun beaming down overhead. Then depressing metaphors will no longer be running your life. Instead, each day will be adventure. What a life it can be!

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