Monday, May 25, 2009

Kolob Canyon: Walk to the Very Beginning of Time

On the other side of Zion, sky-high sandstone pillars give way to red-rock, checkered mesas with odd, disfigured, melting shapes like a Salvador Dali painting or a piece of Gaudi architecture. Driving through the park, I find myself suddenly drawn to a mesa in the doesn't look too far...and, well, why not?

I felt frightened as though I, too, could disappear. I said a silent prayer to the spirits there, asking for safe passage. I explored for a bit, but I couldn't stay long. I felt the weight of thousands of eyes watching even though no one was there. Ultimately, I felt as though the dead sensed my presence. Maybe they thought they were dreaming me or maybe I was dreaming them, but as I walked away I was happy to return to my world before it, too, disappeared.

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