Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Luck...

I had been feeling a little down this week as I somehow left my laptop back (laptop not inside) somewhere around town. I checked the gym, my office, scores of lost and founds, the supermarket, underneath the bed. I contacted the Saints, the Pope, Ganesha, three wise men, and a few friends. No one had seen it.

I suppose the bag is no big deal. The problem rests in another item inside the bag: a memory card from my digital camera with 300 or so pictures, including the ones I took of the Clermont Deluxe's final days. The closing of the drive-in played a major role in my decision to set out on a trip across America to collect the stories of places like the drive-in before they disappear forever.

Luckily, this evening as I cleaned off the data from my old laptop, I found a few pictures saved in a buried file.

All is not lost.

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