Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip Itinerary

After much deliberation, I've created the road trip plan that I am committed to keeping in my quest for hope and change in the New America. With a chop, chop here and a cut cut here, drop a day there, gain a day everywhere, the fossil fuel free fiasco now has a compass.

Los Angeles
May 16 Disney Land/Los Angeles Eco-Village
May 17 Hollywood
May 18 LA Green Life/Find Veggie Oil
May 19 Drive to Las Vegas

Las Vegas
May 20 What was Las Vegas before it was Las Vegas?
May 21 Las Vegas in the atomic age...
May 22 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
May 23 Drive to Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff & Sedona
May 24-26 Exploring the New Age in Flagstaff and Sedona, Meteor Crater, Energy Vortexes, gila bend solar project

May 27-June 2 Volunteer: No More Deaths,migrant humanitarian org

Gila Cliff Dwellings, NM 
June 3-June 5 (Deming, NM biggest solar plant in the world, Ancient Indian caves, hotsprings)

Roswell, NM
June 6-8 Roswell, Truth or Consequences (I’m going to this town simply for the name- what on
earth is truth or consequences?) , First Atomic Test, VLA Telescopes (Stay in Roswell)

Gallup, NM
 June 9-12  Gallup, NM

June 13-16: Border Patrol, Austin, Dallas

June 17-21: New Orleans after Katrina, Voodoo Culture, Plantations and swamp lands; Volunteer reconstruction

June 22-25 Gaia Grove, Ecovillage, Gainsville, FL

Old South
June 26-June 30 Charleston, NC (Earthaven Ecovillage- Black Mountain), and Savannah, GA,

July 1-July 8 Volunteer Hohenwald Elephant Sanctuary, Memphis, Nashville, Paradise Village, IDA

July 9-July 16: West Virginia, DC area, New York City

July 17-July 24: Boston, Walden Pond, CT

VT and Maine
July 24-July 31: Upward: Maine, fly-fishing, crab industry, last surviving shaker community in
southern Maine, VT Folklife Center, Huntington, VT

The Rust Belt
Aug 1-10 Rust belt industrial cities: Detroit ($100 homes), Flynt, Indy, Chicago, OH. Visit
autoplants. DarkSkies Kinship, Indiana and Padanarim Utopia community in Avoda, IN.

Aug 11-13: Dancing Waters Permaculture Community, Gay Mills, WI. Minneapolis Mall of America.

Black Hills
Aug 14-16 : Black Hills, four corners

Aug 17-19: Nebraska: Ethanol Fields, Solstice Dawn (Central) Community

Aug 20-23: Montana Wilderness: Sundog Ecovillage, Hutterite (passivist religious colony).

 Aug 25: Seattle/Vancouver- Hutterites

 Aug 27: Portland, We’Moon Land, OWL Farm, Crater Lake

Sept 1: Back home...

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