Thursday, March 12, 2009

iMovie 101

In preparation for my big fossil fuel journey around the country, I finally did it.

I bought a MacBook. 

For months (years?), I've put it off as too much of an expense. I had my trusty, slow, clunky Toshiba. It worked...sometimes.

I've always puzzled about the whole masculine/feminine system of the romance languages. I mean, how can a book or a table be male or female?

But, it's all starting to make sense with my Macbook. You see, my Toshiba was open to being beat up on a bit. I lugged it around, dropped it on the ground, pushed its buttons until the paint faded from the letters. El Toshiba is a dude all the way. My new Macbook is fragile, gentle, smart. She demands tenderness. I've yet to take her out of the house.

La Mac and El Toshiba.

My desire to practice iMovie and my love affair with the MacBook has led to my first Youtube video: Cat Versus Mac:

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