Friday, March 13, 2009

2012: Get Ready Space Cadets

"May the universe in some sense be brought into being by those that participate?"

This little tidbit is just one of the riddles Daniel Pinchbeck tosses out to the universe in "2012: The Return of Quetzecoatal."
Are we on the brink of a massive cultural awakening, a great decline, or both?

Pinchbeck investigates these huge questions and integrates his personal story into a much larger narrative about Mayan prophecy and global consciousness. Seriously one of my favorite books in a long time. 

And then...the other day, I saw an ad in the paper that Pinchbeck would be speaking in Santa Cruz...a day too late. I was terribly disappointed.

Until- I found out about his appearance in Berkeley tonight. Buckle your seat belts space cadets!!! 

We are off to explore possibility:

"The great mass of humanity forfeits their inner freedom of thought, conscience, and will to participate in this system, which presents itself as inescapable, inevitable, and airtight."

To be continued...

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