Monday, November 26, 2007

America in the Age of Too Much Information

People born in 1978 have seen the accumulation of 90% of the world’s information at the age of 30.

None of us are any the wiser.

The information age has created the age of cynicism. Spam and credit reports, a lifetime of free viagra if you just click HERE. A million Euros in exchange for your social security number. Wire money to my private bank account in Nigeria.

“I love you” is a text message.

Google and Twitters are verbs.

When I came back from Peace Corps in 2005, I found myself overwhelmed by technology. Two years without glowing screens and twittering communications had made me a tech dinosaur. When I saw the "I love you" text message already installed in my phone, everyone seemed so infinitely far away even though they were just one click from my screen.

And now, I twitter, I blog, I google, I facebook. My verbage is riddled with vocabulary courtesy of the World Wide Web.

I notice that communication is so dense, so vast that information now disappears into a black hole of crisscrosses: "Did you get my email?" "Did you see Mike's Facebook status?" "Did you know we have a meeting at noon?"

Overcommunication, information abundance.

Could plenty be scarcity?

A pessimist hits the road in search of hope and change. After all, accumulating more information can't hurt anything, right?


  1. Kelley, you are my all-time favorite pessimist. Who is actually very positive most of the time. Can you be a positive pessimist? I don't know. But I'm one who is definitely guilty of building sandcastles.

  2. Optimistic Pessimist.
    Sounds like a title.
    A collector of titles I am.
    And a builer of sandcastles you are.
    Thanks for your ever-thoughtfulness.

  3. lol I love it.

    We learnt a fact in class the other day (I'm a post grad student from Western Australia) that if we taught a 5th grader everything we knew - it is only something like 5% of what the knowledge they need for the new millennium due to technological advances.

    Frikkin interesting.


Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.
- Oscar Wilde


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